Buying Guide to Bespoke Shirts Dubai

Every man has a specific classic shirt that can be worn easily on a variety of occasions. Sometimes, those shirts are from their affordable shopping when bought in bulk. Probably, most of the men don’t know about bespoke shirts Dubai. These are a luxury and classic variations that are tailored exactly as per your body shape. And, if you are looking for the best bespoke tailoring or tailor-made shirt for you, here is a quick guide of bespoke suit tailors that will guide you through everything essential.

Though fitting is one of the most important things in tailor made suits Dubai, here are some factors you should consider while buying a shirt.

Bespoke Shirts Dubai- Royal Fashion Dubai

• Collar

A shirt with a restrictive collar isn’t the right fit. You can test this by putting two fingers in between your shirt and neck. The fitting’s good if you can move those fingers easily around. If there’s a space for more than 2 fingers, that is loose and with lesser than 2-finger space, it’s a small fit for you.

• Shoulders

You will notice that sleeves of the shirt are attached to the shirt’s torso through seems. A high seem points to a smaller shirt and a shirt’s bigger if you get a low seem on the torso.

• Arms

The sleeves’ length should not longer than the wrist bone. You can do an easy test if you are wearing a watch. There should be space enough to show just half of the watch’s face. However, if you are unable to find just the right fit, you can buy one with a longer sleeve size and get it altered as per your required size.

• Chest

Similar to the collar, the perfect fitting shirt for you shouldn’t have a restrictive chest. The shirt should allow you to easily skim over your chest’s thickest part and allow easy movement while wearing it.

• Length

The shirt’s front length should not be lower than the hip bones. And, the length on the backside should not go lower than your bottom’s center.

Thus, this guide can help you buy perfect fit bespoke shirts Dubai. While tailor made shirts Dubai take a considerable stitching time, it’s worth the fit that adds an enhancement to your personality.

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